And G-d Opened Her Eyes

This summer, while travelling on the east coast, I received an excited message from our Shul treasurer: the congregation was the proud owner of a long-lost Israel bond! Cleaning out an old desk drawer after many years, a former member of the Shul board made a discovery. Under of pile of his personal papers, lay …

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Learning How To Walk

Growing up in a small New England city, I learned to go on long walks. Along backroads, cornfields or woods, or looking at the night sky. I took this skill with me as a young man and went for walks when I faced a crossroads in life. Walking is engrained in our life as Jews. …

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The Scent & the Spirit

The pictures from my daughter’s wedding arrived in my inbox this week. Our Simcha took place six weeks ago, and it already feels like moons ago. But scrolling through the pictures, memories of that captivating night cascaded within me. Transported to that August evening, I marveled at the joy we felt. As Jews, we go …

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