Hope. Knowledge. light.

Judaism is powerful and life changing….But let’s face it: lot’s of people have a hard time connecting to the wisdom of Torah. We’ll help you connect to the big ideas of Judaism as you discover the next steps on your life journey.

I'm a rabbi today, but I didn't always connect with Judaism. Just like you, I'm a Jew on a journey.

My Journey

About Me

I've learned from and lived in virtually every part of the Jewish world

Ever since I was a teenager, I’ve been seeking Jewish connection. Through my quest, I’ve learned from or lived in virtually every part of the Jewish world. From secular university to Orthodox yeshivas, from liberal denominations to Chasidic masters, from small town Jewish life to Jerusalem, I’ve seen and experienced it all.

Thanks to my rich, diverse experiences, I’m able to help people just like you find a meaningful Jewish connection.

Communal rabbi in Portland, Oregon

Currently, I serve as a communal rabbi at Congregation Kesser Israel in Portland, Oregon. Over the past two decades, I’ve helped hundreds of families from every background imaginable find their next steps in Jewish growth. Plus, as a father of seven kids and founder of a Jewish day school, I’ve helped numerous young people initiate their Jewish path.

Along my journey, I have discovered that there are three things we need every day

Hope in HaShem

Seek knowledge of God through the Torah

Share God's light in our world

Join me, and, together, we’ll discover the next step in
YOUR Jewish journey.

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